What is Private Browsing?

Vaughn Thomas February 9, 2017 Comments Total Views:37
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We daily browse various things over the Internet not only for official things but also for personal stuff. But do you guys know that the browser you use, store all the information like which website you visit, the time of your visit, what you search etc. All these things are stored by your browser and can be easily used to track or monitor your activity over the Internet. However, you can delete that data anytime you wish. Isn’t it would be better that what you visit cannot be tracked. It means that you do not need to clear your browsing history each time you browse over the Internet. So the best way to do this is using the option of private browsing. Every browser gives you the option of private browsing, only the name changes like in Internet Explorer it is known as InPrivate Browsing, In Google Chrome it is known as Incognito Mode.

What is the need of Private browsing?

As you browse the web, your browser remembers lots of information like the sites you have visited or the searches you perform over the Internet, saves cookies from the website, and stores form data used for autofill. Besides this, it also saves other information, such as a history of files you have downloaded and the URLs of sites you frequently visit. If you are on your personal computer, then it could be very convenient that your browser stores all your browsing history. Have you noticed that you just type some starting letters on your address bar and your browser may automatically fill in the URL as soon as you start typing. You do not need to worry that which was the website you visited 2 days ago from where you get that brilliant cooking recipe. As your browser stores all this information and in very organized manner. In short, your browsing experience becomes richer when your browser automatically stores data.

So guys if my browsing experience is enhancing then what is the need of this Private Browsing. Now all these are the brighter sides, as you are on a private machine which is accessed only by you. Suppose you are on a public computer which can be accessed by anyone, then also do you wish that your browsing history is stored. I think none of you will say Yes. So, here comes the need of Private Browsing. When you browse in a Private Window, then your browser will not be going to save your visited pages, cookies, searches, temporary files, passwords. Moreover, all Toolbars and extensions are disabled by default in private browsing. It means that once you close the browser all information will vanish automatically.

What are the limitations of Private Browsing?

It is a common myth that Private Browsing makes you anonymous on the Internet, i.e. no one can track your browsing history. Whatever you browse can never be tracked once the browser is closed. Your network administrator and Internet service provider can still know what page you visit, even if you are browsing in incognito mode. Apart from this private browsing do not give you protection against various spyware and key loggers. You need to have a good anti-malware for that.

So guys private browsing keeps your browsing safe and secure to a limited extent. However, for a normal user who just browses over the Internet casually but still does not want to share his browsing then this private browsing is more than enough.